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Radon Membranes for all types of construction and building ground

● Radon barrier that keeps moisture out and radon
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● For all types of construction
● Different membranes suitable for various art and pipes and radon risk
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Radon lock (also called radon membrane radonduk or radon mat) is used as a sealing layer that blocks the connection between the air inside and the air in the building ground. Radon Membranes are available in different qualities and price ranges. In order to select the proper degree of protection with a suitable membrane should first perform building site investigation with respect to radon. Radonlab deliver radon membranes throughout the country and provides guidance in connection with the selection and installation.

Order of radon membranes

radon membrane RMB400

RMB400 - plastic membrane

RMB is the lightest radon membrane suitable for use in areas with low to moderate radon risk. This radonduk is made of reinforced polyethylene membrane 0.4 mm. Limes at the seams and wall connections with butyl sealant, sealing tape or tape ELOT 3000.

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radon black line

Black Line - plastic membrane

Membrane against radon for all risk assumed. Polyethylene 1mm membrane that can withstand both physical and chemical stresses. This radon mat glued at the seams and wall connections with butyl sealant, sealing tape or tape ELOT 3000.

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radon base

Base - asphalt membrane

Multilayer bituminous membrane (radonduk) with the highest radon resistance and strength. The membrane is welded at the seams. Suitable for all radon risk assumed. This radon mat can also be executed directly on the sand.

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radon guard

Radon Guard coating membrane

Radon Guard is a membrane which is particularly suitable as radon barrier. It dries as a whole, elastic and seamless membrane that is water and radon tight.

The membrane can be rolled or applied with a brush on most surfaces. Application is simple and quick. The product is water-based, environmentally friendly, and very elastic. Radon Guard has good adhesion, but for particularly demanding surfaces should Radon Guard primer applied first.

The product is particularly suitable for regeneration, but can also be used in new construction. Tests of Radon Guard shows high radon resistance. Radon Guard should be applied in three layers. Each layer must not exceed 1 mm in thickness.

Consumption: approx. 2 kg per square meter

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radon flex

Radon Flex Liquid radon membrane

Radon Flex is a two-component self-leveling, flexible sealant based on polyurethane polymers modified with hydrocarbon.

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