Climate Guard-house It has long been known that mold in houses can cause allergy. In recent times they have also found that mold can also cause other serious health problems. Symptoms such as fatigue, runny nose and recurrent cough, all connected to the mold and moisture related bacteria.
A powerful fungi can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and dry rot attack could ultimately lead to much of the wood structure must be replaced. Generally does not cover normal husforsikring such damages since they are considered to be due to design errors and not a sudden accident.
Climate Guard effectively prevents moisture related problems in attics and crawl including floors of wood.

Climate Guard creep basement

Climate Guard crawl space

Regulates climate of creep basements. System dries out the crawl, and protect them from moisture damage. Is generally installed on the underside of the floor structure consisting of a control unit and a heating cable. The product is equipped with sensors that measure relative humidity and temperature. Using advanced management keeps Climate Guard creep basement relative humidity and temperature at a level which will not create conditions for some types of fungi. Using moderate air dry basement crawl out eventually and the risk of mold infestation is eliminated.

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Climate Guard loft web

Climate Guard attic

The system that keeps moisture in the attic at bay and protects against mold and moisture damage. Consists of two control units, a heating element and a fan. Sensors measure the relative humidity inside and outside, as well as temperature and automatically initiates the fan and / or heat cable if necessary. Climate Guard loft keeps the relative humidity in the attic down to a level that does not provide growing conditions for mushrooms.

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Climate Guard pro e

Climate Guard Pro-E

Climate Guard Pro-E is the obvious choice for those with exposed crawl space, but without the odor problem that is spreading to residential areas. Dehumidifier consists of two parts. The first is the t radisjonelle thermal dehumidifier (Climate Guard creep basement), and the other is controlled ventilation controlled entirely on the possibility of using outside air to dry crawl space.

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Climate Guard pro x

Climate Guard Pro X

Climate Guard Pro-X combines high drying capacity with high ventilation rate and low energy consumption. Where the product is an obvious choice for creep cellars with plenty of moisture, and microbial odor. Dehumidification system requires minimal maintenance and come with the best warranties.

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Climate Guard pro-s

Climate Guard Pro-S

Climate Guard Pro-S keeps the pressure in the basement crawl while the dehumidifier. Prevents penetration of fungal spores, particles, radon and other gases into the living quarters and ensures creeping basement against mold infestation. Consists of two control units, a heating cable, a fan and measuring the pressure differential. The fan is controlled so that a negative pressure in the basement crawl.

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