radonsug product


Radonsug is probably the mostly used radon mitigations. Under the right conditions and properely dimensioned, radonsuction may achieve significant reduction of high radon levels. Radon drainage (radonsug) also serves as a supplement to other mitigation solutions. Radonlab's contracting department will install customized radonsuction in all types of buildings.

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Mini Vent Lossnay

MiniVent ventilation products

MiniVent systems provide roomventilation  and recycles heat and pressure balance without ventilation ducts and high costs. Installation is very simple and can be done by most people! MiniVent improves indoor climate in general, and with a proper installation, gives a positive effect against moderately elevated radon levels.

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radon hazard signs

Radon membranes

Radon membranes (also called radonbarrier, radoncloth or radonmat) is used as a sealing layer that blocks the connection between the air inside and the air in the building ground. Radon membranes are available in different qualities and price ranges. In order to select the proper degree of protection with a suitable membrane, you should first perform a building site survey with respect to radon. Radonlab delivers radon membranes throughout the country and provides guidance in connection with selection and installation.

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radon prevention

Sub-slab ventilation

With Radonlab's system for basic ventilation you can effectively prevent radon infiltration into new buildings as well as during renovation of older buildings where the existing concrete floor is removed. The base venting system consists of a network of perforated pipes placed in the ballast layer during the casting process. The system is connected to a closed tube applied on the floor. Basic ventilation works by the extract, as a radon pump both passively (through natural up-flow) and actively (suction/vacuum created by a fan).

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Climate Guard-house

Climate Guard

Crawl-space basements present special challenges when it comes to problems with humidity, odors, fungi and radon gas. KlimaGuard is the solution! A highly efficient dehumidifier that counteracts mold infestation, seepage of radon and other gases and particles from the crawl-space. Do it yourself or let Radonlab's contracting department install the KlimaGuard!

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