Arbeid med radontiltak

Installation of radon mitigation solutions

Radonlab's contracting department installs most technical construction and ventilation measures against radon in large parts of the country. Radon preventive measures are carried out in existing buildings, buildings under construction, and home improvement projects. If a mitigation plan already exists for a building, contractors from Radonlab may bring the radon project to completion.Request a no obligation inquiry here.

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Radon mitigation products

Radonlaboffersa number of productsfor effectiveradonsafetyand protection.Products rangefrom variousventilation products, radonmembranesto moreradonspecific products such as radonsug, and ground ventilation, ClimaCure etc.It is recommended to hire one of our consultants to conduct an inspection and produce an action plan prior to the installation of various protective measures.

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