radon prevention

Measures against radon in new construction or rehabilitation

Protects internal environment against the ingress of radon gas

With Radon Labs system for basic ventilation can effectively prevent radon infiltration in new buildings and the renovation of older buildings where the existing concrete floor spikes up.

The advantages of the system for ventilating the ground:

- Reliable and affordable
- Easy installation by Radon Labs Directions
- Acts as radon trap while the building is, without deterioration effect
- Not depending on the floor is 100% dense, but will give the best effect with radon barrier
- Works passively and actively (with fan). Installation of the fan can be exposed as needed


Radon Well

Radon well is a well in the plastic which acts as a sugkammer for radon. Sugkammeret laid in gravel layer under the cast. The vertical tube is passed through betongstøp. A cap fitted to the top of the vertical pipe provided.

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Because vent

Ground Vent

Accordingly consisting of a network of perforated pipes placed in the gravel layer under casting. The network connects to a tight tube that carried above the floor level.

The systems can be used in both new construction or rehabilitation. Basic ventilation works by the extract, as a radon pump both passively (through natural buoyancy) and active (suction / vacuum created by a fan).

The systems must be sized correctly and you should send us a sketch of the rank of the specified area, and planned thickness of the gravel layer. We'll also send you detailed instruction with concrete proposals for installation of the system for ventilation of the building ground for your project.

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